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Frequently asked questions


What is a Community Ambassador?

A BlockPower Community Ambassador is a community member who is interested in increasing health, wealth, and power among their family members, friends, and neighbors by committing to take small meaningful actions over a long period of time to increase civic engagement in their communities.

How do I become a Community Ambassador?

BlockPower is working with partner organizations in North Carolina, Texas, Georgia and Florida to increase long-term civic engagement in Black communities. BlockPower believes in the power of personal and community relationships, which is why community members are invited to join directly by other Community Ambassadors. If you live in these communities and want to join, you can sign up for a referral waitlist here . Active Community Ambassadors networks will have the opportunity to invite you if you currently live in their Community Ambassador block.

BlockPower Card

What is a BlockPower Card?

Active Community Ambassadors who complete 2 videos and successfully refer 2 Community Ambassadors a month are eligible to receive a stipend to supplement their cell phone or internet bill. Community Ambassadors who opt in to receiving the BlockPower card will receive a Visa debit card in the mail approximately 2-3 weeks after signing up. Active Community Ambassadors BlockPower cards will be credited with the designated funding amount each month.  

What can I use my BlockPower Card for?

BlockPower Cards can be used for telecommunication expenses such as phone or internet. The cards will not work for any other types of expenses.

How and when will I receive the stipend?

Active Community Ambassadors who opt in to receiving the BlockPower card will have $20 credited to their card on the first Thursday of each month, after they successfully refer 2 new Community Ambassadors and complete 2 videos.

Do I have to pay taxes on my earnings as a Community Ambassador?

No. The funding amount provided through the BlockPower card to active Community Ambassadors is a non-taxable stipend to help Community Ambassadors afford the tools necessary to build health, wealth, and power.