Ambassador training

This video gives an overview of BlockPower, Ambassadors (you!), and Vote Triplers.

Voting Ambassadors, Vote Triplers, and Triplees

  • A Voting Ambassador is a micro-organizer who uses BlockPower’s website to recruit people they know to become volunteer Vote Triplers. Voting Ambassadors are paid for each Vote Tripler who agrees to participate.
  • A Vote Tripler is someone the Voting Ambassador knows who commits to remind three people they know to vote. These three people are called the Triplees (or simply Voters).
  • Triplees are the three voters that a Vote Tripler agrees to remind to vote before Election Day.
Vote-Tripling illustration

Activate your community of friends, family, and neighbors to engage in the voting process and improve the welfare of your community.

This means identifying infrequent Black voters (Vote Triplers) you know, talking with them about the issues that matter most to them, and guiding them through the voting process. Most important, you’ll ask them to commit to remind three people they know to vote.

An example

Let’s say Scotty (a Voting Ambassador) sees his neighbor Nina on his list of possible Vote Triplers on BlockPower’s website. Scotty calls Nina on the phone and talks to her about voting and the issues that matter to her. Scotty then asks Nina to agree to remind three other people to vote. Nina agrees to remind Jahie, Serine and Anthony (who are the Triplees) to vote. Scotty then adds Nina and her three Triplees to BlockPower’s website.

You’ll represent BlockPower

As a Voting Ambassador, you represent BlockPower and are critical to our mission of maximizing Black voter turnout. All Ambassadors are required to uphold the highest levels of integrity.

How to help Triplers understand the BlockPower model and mission:

  • Visit the BlockPower website at!
  • BlockPower is a partner of The New Georgia Project.
  • Check out BlockPower on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • BlockPower DOES NOT pay people to vote. BlockPower pays people to train people they already know to motivate their networks to vote.

How to talk about the importance of voting

Visit to learn more about how to talk to your friends, family and neighbors about voting.


How you get paid

Each time you recruit someone on your list to become a Vote Tripler, you’ll earn $25 once BlockPower confirms the Tripler’s information.