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We are BlockPower

BlockPower partners with organizations who support Community Ambassadors as they engage their family members, friends, and neighbors to build health, wealth, and power. As elections approach, we help organizations activate their Community Ambassador networks to expand voter outreach and increase civic engagement.

In the 2020 general elections, we supported efforts in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Arizona to invest directly in communities. In the lead-up to the US Senate runoff election in January 2021, we grew our partnerships in Georgia, where we helped Ambassadors use relational voter engagement tactics through the BlockPower platform.

BlockPower is committed to continuous improvement of its model and processes, seeing the primary and general elections every year as an opportunity to test and iterate. The BlockPower platform is currently deployed in North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, and Florida to support organizations who engage community members year-round in the work of building health, wealth, and power in communities with unrealized civic strength.

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