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The Platform

The Community Ambassador platform is all about building networks and keeping your constituents engaged and active outside an election cycle. The Voting Ambassador platform helps your constituents find their family members, friends, and neighbors help their contacts make plans to vote in each election!


Community Ambassador

Grow Engaged Networks Between Elections

• Community Ambassadors watch short videos on health, wealth, or power each week

• Community Ambassadors use their referral link (or QR code) to share videos and invite their contacts to join them on the network

• Community Ambassadors receive a physical or virtual debit card that can be used for cell phone or internet bills for each video + referral they make

Voting Ambassador

Activating Networks for Relational Voter Turnout

 • Community Ambassadors can become Voting  Ambassadors after a training on the purpose and mechanics of the program

• Voting Ambassadors upload their contacts, and the platform will show which contacts are eligible to become volunteer Vote Triplers

• Voting Ambassadors earn a small payment for every Vote Tripler they are able to recruit. Vote Triplers are volunteers who commit to help three of their contacts make plans to vote

Lots of Customizability

Both the CA and VA platforms can be heavily customized

• Custom colors, custom domain, custom videos, and custom communications

• Voting Ambassador targeting mechanism can also be tweaked (i.e. presidential but not midterm voters are eligible to be recruited as Vote Triplers)

• CA stipend and VA recruitment payment amounts are customizable.